Customer “Serve-US”

Working in retail, we get alot of customer who are to say the least… horrible. They expect us to “serve” them as they proceed to have horrible attitude towards us. I understand that working in retail I should expect nothing less, but i guess I expect ALOT more.

I just don’t understand how some people can be rude to someone who just wants to help you find what you need (we DO NOT work on commission so this is truly just help for YOU). Some customer do not even acknowledge me saying “Hello” as if once they have answered me they will be cursed with my presence for all eternity.

Now another issue of mine is when the customer has gone through the entire store, has a pretty hefty size bag (some for aunts, uncles and cousins that do not exist BIG) and decide that they don’t want or can’t afford it all. I understand I have a problem too when I see sales… my heart say “take it all” , but my bank account says “im sorry the money in this account does not exist. Please try again NEVER”. Now my issue does not lie in the customers finacial status but what comes next. Instead of atleast giving the full bag back to an employee they decide that the ground is a better place for it and leave.. Like what!? We are not asking for you to take the time and put it all back, but simply give it to an associate and we can PROPERLY place them back. Its worse when I am stand only feet away from them. Again, I promise to not curse you with my existence if you acknowledge me. Here is a quote that sums up how serious my promise is…

“On my honor or i will be chopped up and made into soup” – Bruce the shark

Those are just some of the customer “serve-us” examples that truly test my sanity and a small part of my  IMpossible tale.



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