Candles seem to have a way to always reset my mood. Like im burning the past away and allowing good energy (and aroma) into my IMpossible tale. 


Things That Follow

I’ve always felt haunted.

As if this unseen force would drive me into situations that can either terrify me or surprise me. I can feel its presence around me in the darkest of moments and even in moments where nothing seems to go wrong. Now I know what you’re thinking “this girl is off her rocker! Is she talking about ghost!?”. Well not exactly… Let me give you an example of this “haunting”. 

Yesterday I had a flicker of madness rain over me when a co-worker and I didn’t see eye-to-eye. Now I’m the type of person who watched ALOT of Disney all her childhood (I was quite the collector of Disney VHS), and one thing I personally learned comes from this quote: 

If you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all” -Thumper (Bambi).

So instinctively, I shut down faster than a radio dunked in water. Every bone inside me had some pretty colorful words to say but something just kept telling me “just wait for it..”. So it began, we just kept walking past each other as if the other didn’t exist (ghosting each other to say the least). Then after two hours of being invisible I felt IT. IT was that sudden tickle up my spine or that tiny rush of wind on my neck. Now I wish I could make this sound alot more like a supernatural haunting, but no ghostly figures, great big balls of energy, or objects moving on their own (but how cool would that be). Instead my co-worker suddenly came to me and refused to play the silent game and we moved on. I mean my instincts still kept me silent a little longer just in case my rudness came flowing out unexpectedly, but just like that IT was right.

In those moments, I could hear IT say ” you’re welcome” (almost in a sing-song rhythm). Now, I dont want to say its my guardian angel or conscience, but I guess that is just another part of my IMpossible tale.